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The effects of lung cancer are mortally dangerous. The more you know the better prepared you’ll be for what’s to come. Cancer is a terrible medical diagnosis to get, and it’s scary to read about lung cancer stages, particularly if yours was diagnosed as one of the later ones. There are several lung cancer treatments to consider, and a wealth of information to be assimilated. With any kind of cancer, even lung cancer, information really is your best weapon.
That said, first off, it’s important to know what cancer is.  Cancer is a disease of unrestricted cell division. The cells within your body divide a certain number of times during your lifetime. The usual limit is 52 times; when it’s divided a certain number of times, your body tells it to stop.  Normal cells will stop. Cancer cells, however, ignore the “stop” command and keep dividing. They multiply rapidly, causing a tumor, or a lump of cells in your body. The tumor can spread throughout your body and to your major organs-that’s where the real danger is.Lung cancer is cancer of the lung tissue. Lung cancer signs/symptoms are hard to isolate; they can be easily mistaken for a persistent chest cold; they often show up as shortness of breath, fatigue, and a persistent cough. Those simple symptoms can also be the early effects of lung cancer.While the disease overwhelmingly affects smokers (90% of all cases), lung cancer can be triggered by genetics and environmental factors, like exposure to asbestos.

Early Symptoms

Sadly, early detection of lung cancer doesn’t happen as often as we’d like. Early detection more or less happens when people have family who’ve had it because the lung cancer signs/symptoms are ambiguous. Sometimes by sheer luck someone has a chest X-ray at the right time. Regular screening is recommended starting with your 60th birthday, and if you’re a smoker, earlier than that.  You can also avoid emphysema by taking up vaping by using an ecig coupon from V2. All you are inhaling is water vapor, and the harmful chemicals that come with cigarettes are not present.

Lung cancer is treatable when it is detected early. People generally have a 10 year survival rate of 92% or more. But most people who get this disease don’t get it identified until the later lung cancer stages, when it’s already spread to other parts of the body.

Risk factors for lung cancer are fairly straightforward

Lung cancer is treatable when it is detected early, consider V2 ecigarettes to quit smoking. There is no time better than now to put down the cigarette.

It’s worth it to talk to your doctor about a lung cancer screening if you:

  • have any of the risk factors above
  • ever have a cough that lasts for more than a month
  • ever cough up blood.

Lung cancer effects are subtle and easy to miss, so it’s in your best interest to be vigilant about any changes your body undergoes.