About Me

The ADAM program is the centerpiece of NIJ’s research program on drugs and crime. The mission of the ADAM program is:

  • To support the construction and expansion of a database of valid and reliable data on the drug use and drug involvement of arrestees from communities all across the United States, and to support the maintenance and management of annual data collection.
  • To provide communities across the country with timely information about drugs and crime, patterns of drug use and drug treatment, emerging drug trends, drug markets, the effects of law enforcement on drug use, treatment needs, and a wide range of related issues.
  • Through ADAM to directly and indirectly encourage and support research that will build our knowledge about drugs, crime and related social issues through effective national and local research partnerships.
  • To establish and support ADAM as a research platform that can be used to reveal important information about related public health and safety issues such as domestic violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and the acquisition and use of firearms by arrestees. Similarly, ADAM can be used to access the effects of law enforcement and criminal justice strategies such as community policing and drug courts.
  • To use knowledge acquired from such research for the purpose of guiding and strengthening local and national social policy.

The following available links will provide more information about the ADAM program, research endeavors, and ongoing special projects.